Leadership and Management Team

Sally Wicken

Senior Lead Link

Sally is associate principal of Beauchamp College and the Maths Hub Senior Lead Link. She is provides a strategic vision for the Maths Hub and liaises with the Department for Education.


Alison Rouse

Maths Hub Lead

Alison is Director of Maths (Primary) across the Lionheart Education Trust. She leads the Maths Hub, with a focus on its primary school projects.


Chris Shore

Maths Hub Lead

Chris leads the Maths Hub with a focus on secondary schools. He is also a Senior Enterprise Fellow at Loughborough University.


Lisa Dale

Project Manager

Lisa is the project coordinator for the Maths Hub. She organises and monitors the Maths Hub projects and manages its communications with the NCETM.


Alayna Rossa


Alayna is the administrator for the Maths Hub.


Alison Woollerson

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Alison leads on the primary Maths Hub projects and works with our Local Leaders of Maths Education (LLME). She is a Head of School at Houghton on the Hill CE Primary School.


Martin Tillbrook

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Martin leads on the primary Maths Hub projects with a particular emphasis on Teaching for Mastery and Early Years.


Lucy Brown

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)


Ben Johnson

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)


Sam Blatherwick

Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Post 16)