Spatial Reasoning in KS2 Work Group

Spatial ability has been shown to contribute to performance in mathematics and improvement in children’s spatial reasoning is linked to improvement in mathematics understanding. This Work Group provides schools with the opportunity to be involved in a small-scale research project focussing on the development of spatial reasoning, and how this can specifically support KS2 children with their multiplicative thinking.

The Work Group is focussed on action research in the classroom and teachers will be encouraged to adapt their practice and try out different approaches.



What is involved?


The workshops will focus on:

  • the importance of spatial reasoning in mathematics
  • the 3 spatial reasoning constructs
  • the links between spatial reasoning and multiplicative structures
  • conducting small-scale action research

As well as workshop sessions, there will also be school-based research tasks to complete and online collaboration between schools.


What are the benefits?


Participants will:

  • enhance their understanding of key components of spatial reasoning
  • consider links between spatial reasoning and multiplicative structures
  • carry out small-scale classroom research
  • review their practice and make specific adaptations to impact on pupil outcomes.


What are the expectations of participants and their schools?

  • Teachers and their schools must be able to commit to participate in the full Work Group (until July 2022).
  • It is important that the teachers applying can attend all of the planned workshops.
  • The school should be able to support the teachers with time between the workshops to complete the research tasks, and a senior leader in school should be able to take on an overview of the project.
  • Teachers will be expected to contribute regularly to the online community.
  • Teachers and their schools must also engage with the evaluation process throughout the year, including compiling the results of their research.


Who can take part?


The Work Group will be particularly relevant for teachers who:

  • have been teaching for at least 3+ years
  • have a particular interest in mathematics and want to develop their subject knowledge further
  • are keen to engage with a research-based approach to school improvement

Two teachers from a school should take part so that they can plan and reflect on the action research together. If you are a small school, you could apply with another local school that you work closely with (the teachers must be able to work together between sessions).

At least one of the participants should teach in either Y3 or Y4. The other participant could be the Maths Subject Leader.


What is the cost?


The workshop sessions are funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so are free for participating schools to attend. Schools will also be expected to provide teachers with release time to plan and participate in the action research.


Where and When?


Venue: Kibworth Grammar School Hall, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire

Workshop 1: Wednesday 2nd March – 1:15pm - 3:45pm
Workshop 2: Monday 14th March – 1:15pm - 3:45pm
Workshop 3: Wednesday 4th May – 9:15am - 12:00pm
Workshop 4: Tuesday 14th June – 1:15pm -3:45pm




To apply please complete the application form