Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Maths - Primary Teaching Assistants

This project is designed to support teaching assistants (TAs) in developing specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support pupils in maths in the classroom.


What's involved?

The programme will focus on the following mathematical areas:

  • What is effective in the learning and teaching of mathematics?
  • Number sense (part 1)
  • Number sense (part 2)
  • Additive reasoning
  • Multiplicative reasoning
  • Fractions.


What are the benefits?

Participants will:

  • review their practice as a result of the sessions and make specific adaptations to support the pupils they are working with
  • understand the key elements that form number sense, forms of addition and subtraction, forms of multiplication and division, and forms of fractions, including precise language, structures and representations.


What are the expectations?

Participants and their schools must be able to commit to the full academic year’s programme. This is likely to involve some face-to-face activity alongside online collaboration.


Who can apply?

This programme is designed for primary teaching assistants who are supporting maths, and who would like to develop their specialist knowledge for teaching maths. It will be particularly relevant for new TAs or TAs that have not received maths-specific training.


What is the cost?

The SKTM – Teaching Assistant programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.


When and where?

The face-to-face sessions will be held at Kibworth Grammar School Hall, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire

  • Session 1: (online) Introductory session - Thursday 13th January, 1.00pm – 3.00pm
  • Session 2: (face-to-face) Thursday 10th February, 9.00am – 3.00pm
  • Session 3: (online) Thursday 17th March, 1.00pm – 3.00pm
  • Session 4: (face-to-face) Thursday 28th April, 9.00pm – 3.00pm



This Programme has now started and we are no longer accepting applications, however if you would like to express an interest in our 2022/23 programme, please complete our expression of interest form