Professional Development Opportunities 2024-25

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Models of professional and school development


There are different models of professional and school development used within hub activity. Please find the details of these below

Work Groups have an emphasis on collaborating to support school/departmental wide development in mathematics as well as supporting individual professional learning and development. Lead participant teachers develop their own practice by trying out new approaches in their own classroom and work with their colleagues in school to share ideas and establish approaches across their school or department. They also meet regularly during the year to collaborate with their peers locally. Work Groups are led by a teacher (or former teacher) expert who is experienced in both maths education and in leading teacher professional development. 


Sustained professional development programmes support individual teachers or leaders of maths in their professional development. There are two types: Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics (SKTM) Programmes, where individuals develop specialist knowledge to improve their practice; and local leaders of mathematics education (LLME) development programmes, to equip practitioners to lead work with teachers and school. Both involve participants joining a national or regional cohort of colleagues from other schools or colleges, and exploring centrally produced NCETM materials. 


Professional learning communities also have emphasise supporting individual teachers or leaders of mathematics in their professional development. Participants collaborate formally and informally, over a sustained period of more than a year, to deepen their understanding or maths culture, curriculum, pedagogy, and professional development. Community Leads establish a professional learning culture that creates professional dialogue and mutual support, offering their own expert input where appropriate. 


Targeted Support in Maths supports primary and secondary schools to make sustained change in maths through a bespoke offer over a sustained number of agreed days. Local Leaders of maths educations (LLMEs) from the school's local Maths Hub will work with participating leaders to develop their understanding and practice for developing maths, underpinned by the key features of the EEF implementation cycle. Leaders will meet regularly with their LLME over a planned period of time and will collaboratively explore, plan, deliver and evaluate a development focus in maths. The collaborative professionalism between the school leader(s) and the LLME aims to develop a long-term professional learning relationship between the school and Maths Hub. You can find out more about Targeted Support in Maths here