Targeted Support in Mathematics: Principles

Maths Hubs, the NCETM, and schools will work together to positively impact on all children’s lives and outcomes through professional support, dialogue, and professional development in mathematics education.

Key Aims

  • Build a collaborative working relationship.
  • Value what the school is saying about their context and challenges, and collaborate to find solutions.


A Local Leader of Maths Education (LLME) and school working together will:

  • build strong working relationships through a collaborative approach between the LLME, Maths Hubs and school leadership and the wider school community from the outset. This will ensure that they have the knowledge to work alongside each other with confidence
  • have a sustained level of commitment and engagement to work together over an extended period of time, with the vision of re-engaging schools with the standard offer from the Maths Hubs
  • work together over time to maintain a focus on progress against an agreed plan, including short, medium and long-term milestones
  • enable the LLME to offer intense and sustained support whilst allowing the school to steer improvement.


Building capacity and sustainability


An LLME and school working together will:

  • proactively seek to develop leadership capacity to lead, manage and sustain change
  • engage in professional development opportunities to enable the school to implement teaching for mastery beyond the duration of this project
  • engage in joint explorations of strengths and areas of development to have a shared understanding and bespoke action plan underpinned by Evidence-Based Practice (EEF Putting Evidence to Work: A School’s Guide to Implementation)
  • develop a culture of collaborative CPD for every individual in the maths department/school to improve teaching and learning in maths
  • understand the time commitment from leaders and teachers and document this in the action plan.



Building trust and transparency


An LLME and school working together will:

  • build a relationship of trust over time through open and honest communication
  • triangulate evidence jointly to ensure no assumptions are made. All decisions will be made based on evidence
  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan jointly and agree what is expected to be seen, and by when
  • be responsive, flexible and adaptable to any change
  • consider relationships with other stakeholders such as the LA or Trust to align with any other external support in place.


We will ensure that our LLME have the credibility, expertise, understanding of teaching for mastery and experience of working with other schools.


An LLME working with a school will:

  • prioritise the best interests of the school
  • adopt the highest standards of personal and professional conduct
  • have proper and professional regard of the ethos, policies and practices of the school with which they are working
  • work in collaboration with individual Maths Hubs and the NCETM central team
  • bring a commitment to ongoing professional learning.


A school working with an LLME will:

  • commit to supporting the LLME as outlined above, in order to maximise the impact of the work
  • be proactive in its resolve to develop leadership capacity within the school
  • have a commitment to continue to work with the Maths Hubs beyond the bespoke support offered as part of targeted support as part of a continued, sustained partnership.